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I am amazed and excited about what my family and I have discovered about Essential Oils. As a pediatric nurse I am committed to Wellness and Health.

 I have worked for years in a system that seems be focused on sick-care and medication management. The medical community as a whole is so far behind where they should be at teaching people to be Well. It should be taught that food is the first medicine. The food we eat and are told to eat is all wrong. Almost every piece of nutrition advice that was given over the 3 decades is making us sick The population is ill and the answer to that has been  to push medications sold by drug companies that have side effects so we need more medications sold by the drug companies. Well, of course, all this has it's place, BUT there is another way to support our health  I've decided to jump in and learn all I can about the tools we have been given by our Father to lead healthy, full lives. I'd LOVE to share what I'm learning with you...

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