Sunday, July 12, 2015

Hello, again.

It's been so quiet over here. I know. I have missed this space, missed telling this story. So here I am. Words are coming. I'm feeling the itch to write and straighten out some thoughts. The fall and winter and spring seemed to fly by. Here we are in the midst of summer. I have boys and cucumber plants growing tall.

We've had holidays and holy-days, birthdays and pool days. There have been news stories circulating and laws passed that make me wonder where I live and if we should take cover from the impending lightning . There has been weather and moons and stars that have caught the attention of even novice sky gazers. And through it all I'm seeing threads and themes and they seem to be growing stronger and louder. Do you feel it too? Something is going on. There is something in the the spirit. Something is coming. Where we are on the calendar, it wouldn't surprise me if that something that is coming is big.

If the something that is coming is big, are you ready? I bet most of us aren't as ready as we thought. I want to be...I'll see you back here real soon and we can make sure we're ready. Together.

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