Saturday, August 16, 2014


Another week, another five minute friday (on a Saturday)...writing for the love of it. Writing without edits or worries. We write. We link up. We encourage.

This week it's

Tell them now while you can.

Tell him how he's filled your heart, how he is made for courage and strength.

Tell her how she can be mighty and beautiful and do great things in her Father's kingdom.

Tell them who they are.

Tell them Whose they are.

Tell of all the wonders their Creator has done on their behalf.

Tell them of all the ways you love them.

Tell them of all the ways they are loved by Him.

Tell them why...

why you delight in them

why you look forward to each and every day with them

why even when days are so very hard you'd do it all again and again and again.

Don't wait for another time or another day. Not was of us is promised more time. Tell them when you have their ear. Tell them before the world's voice grows too loud. Tell them in the still hours before they drift to sleep. Tell them in the new sunlight of each day.

Tell them the Truth. Tell them each and every day. Lies will try to speak to them. Your Truth must be louder and more persistent. Don't worry about perfect words or perfect timing.

Tell them.

{This prompt was inspired by the news of Robbin William's death. It was a death self inflicted by a man drowned in sadness. The response to his suicide was such an explosion of love and admiration of him and his work on social media. The question became "what if he new of all this before. What if his fans told him sooner". We should allow it to be a lesson to tell those we love what we need to, what they need us to, while they are still with us.}

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  1. Reminds me of a song.... Brian Adams? Lol. No but really it's true. After people are gone isn't the time to say all the stuff. Good reminder.

    1. Could you possibly mean Mike and the Mechanics, the living years? Yes lots of wisdom in that song!


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