Saturday, August 9, 2014


Five Minute Friday, early on a Saturday morning, but with a new host, Kate. Same deal: Word lovers write with a prompt for the love and the fun. No edits, grammar police or second guessing. Free writing for five minutes...And the heart of the community is that you visit the other lovely writers, to encourage, to make a new friend.

This week is....


Fill instead of empty. Give instead of take. Pour and love and lavish. You'll feel empty. But when you frequent the well of the Water that always quenches you are never ever empty.

Fill the hearts around with peace. Choose to avoid the chaos that expectations bring.

Fill the minds with truth. Remember that the only truth is what is good. Something can be accurate but still not true.

Fill the house with love because they won't really remember exactly what you taught them but they will remember how it felt to be there.

Fill bodies with strength. Actual food and the infinitely more important Bread of Life. Because really what does any of it matter if the Soul isn't nourished often and deeply.

Fill up the world with smiles and words that build others up. There always is a choice how you view a situation, the world.

Fill wherever you go. Leave others with over flowing cups. It's an amazing thing, how the only real way to fill is to empty. Because He pours but He leaves it up to us to fill....


Join us and visit the new digs over at Write. Link. Encourage. 


  1. The first line of this really hit me. Beautiful words.

  2. This is five minutes of inspiration. Thank you.

  3. Wow. You hit all of the important stuff right in that post. Pretty much summed up everything I want to do in my life.....


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