Friday, February 22, 2013

What mama did

Five minute Friday about who my mama is. We write for five minutes, with a prompt, because we love the words and we love the community.

Five Minute Friday

What mama did..


She loved. She worked. She poured God into every crevice of our lives that she possibly could. My mama. That mama of 6. She watched her middle daughter go through chemo and depression. She gave me all she had. She became a nurse and did the job of a mama and a dad. She persevered. And that's saying something. Because the 6 of us? We weren't easy. We were downright unruly. She made mistakes. She taught us all how to cling to God. How to give thanks.

She taught us that life is tough but God is tougher. She is still teaching me how to loosen my grip and just let God work. She told me that I just need to do the next right thing. Not be overwhelmed in fixing all the mess but just do the next thing. That's all.

My mama with her 6 kids her 2 daughters-in-law and her 2 sons- in-law, her 16 grandchildren and all us tugging at her heart.

What my mama did was hang on. Love her God.  And my mama taught me that God is faithful to those who love Him. Maybe that's the very best thin a mama can do


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