Sunday, February 10, 2013

So God Made a Woman

 These made me think of how, really, women were the very last thing God created. That's a powerful concept. Before there could be a mother or a family, a society or community there needed to be a woman.

So often we {women?} can feel put upon or burdened by all that is expected of us. But what if, maybe we feel saddled because this life and this world has told us things should be dufferent than they are. What if all this weight is because we don't know who we are, if we aren't living up to all we are expected to be? All we are created to be.

God looked over all His creation, creation He deemed good, and decided one last finishing touch was needed. So God made a woman.

Actually, what He made was a wife.

He saw that man He made needed someone: so God made a woman.

He knew this man would need a friend: so God made a woman.

God knew this man would need a soft place to fall, a cheering word and loving arms: so God made a woman.

There would be the need for a soft touch and a soft voice and a smile in a world that is harsh and mean: so God made a woman.

This man would need a home and an ear and someone to look after the details and make things pretty, so God made a woman.

God knew very well that this man He had made would need help, a helper. He knew he'd need someone to take care of, someone to protect, someone to live for. God knew this man and this world needed beauty and grace to balance the strong and rough: so God made a woman.

He made a woman to walk beside (not behind or in front of) to lean on be leaned upon. He made a woman to raise up the babes and raise them up civilized, to raise up a home and a meal and a life. To help this man with whatever he needed. But not just to help to rescue, surround, compliment. He made her to muti task and to love like crazy and to sometimes be the glue to hold it together.

God made man in His image. Then He saw it was not good for him to be alone: So God made a woman.

{if you haven't seen the farmer commercial or read Ann's post, click on's worth it}

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  1. The farmer commercial was my favorite from the Super Bowl by far.


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