Monday, January 21, 2013

Movies and books.

A friend ask me to make this list months ago. I was disappointed when I sat down to write it that there weren't more to add. I'd love to hear your ideas. Leave them in them comments.

I can be called strict when it comes to what movies and books I allow my kids to be exposed to. I truly believe that media can shape a world view so I try to be as selective as possible with what I allow to shape my kids. While I can, I want to protect the them from agendas and just nonsense that can be so common in today's entertainment and books aimed at children.

The list is geared towards boys 10 and under because that's who live in my home. But most of these, I'm sure, girls will enjoy just as much.

To make my highly recommend list the movie has to have a positive portrayal of adults and children, no (or almost no) questionable or obnoxious language, and an overall positive theme. I also have a list of movies I find ok or even good but they may have a small amount of questionable content.

Highly Recommend movies: (listed roughly from older audience to younger)
Soul Surfer
Dolphin Tale
The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe
    Prince Caspian
    The Voyage of the Dawntreader
The Wizard of Oz
Secret World of Arrietty (by Hayao Miyazaki   must see-hand drawn Anime, but read the Borrowers first!) Many of the Hayao Miyazaki  movies are great
The Iron Giant
Charlotte's Web
The Tale of Despereaux
Stuart Little 2 (not 1)
Bambi (sad yes, but I'll take sad over obnoxious any day)

Still recommended just not quite as highly:
Harry Potter (1-3) 
Star Wars (for kids under teens I would stay away from III. It's the only one rated pg13)
Tangled (my boys' favorite "girly" movie. lol)
Lion King
Cars 1
Cars 2
Toy Story
Finding Nemo

Books {a list of books my once-reluctant-reader now highly recommends}
The Chronicles of Narnia Series
Harry Potter (1-3)
The Saturdays (From the Melendy Quartet, four books, great series!)
The Borrowers (series)
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Stuart Little
Beginning Chapter books:
AOI Imagination Station Series
Encyclopedia Brown (series)

Nate the Great (series)
Lighthouse Family (series)
Billy and Blaze (series)

Of course these aren't exhaustive lists, just some of our favorites. I'd love to hear yours.


  1. Although I haven't been QUITE as purposeful with the things I've allowed my children (co-ed) to be exposed to, your lists includes most of our favorites. In an odd way, it serves as affirmation to me that I'm doing...ok. We also enjoyed Mulan very much. I will add others later, after I've thought it over more thoroughly.
    Thanks for sharing.

    1. You're welcome. I'll update every so often...we're in middle of a good book. I'll post it when we've finished.


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