Friday, November 9, 2012


Five minute Friday.



Quiet...I'm not sure most of us know quiet anymore. Is there any quiet anywhere? Every moment of our lives is filled. Filled with life and love and then when there a minute's pause, we fill any potential quiet space with noise. Status updates, tweets, emails, blog never ends. There is always something to see, something to watch, something to read. We've lost the quiet.

Without the quiet we're losing a lot. We're losing the ability to not multitask. We're losing the focus and attention that should be given to one thing at a time. We're losing each other's eyes. Those long real meaningful conversations that aren't interrupted by a notification clanging from our pocket or bag.

We're missing the quiet in our spirits. The place we can listen and learn and know what His voice sounds like.

So much convenience and all we really have is too much. And not enough.

Five Minute Friday

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