Sunday, September 30, 2012

Third World Symphony

Sometimes I come across music that I just have to write about. This is one of those albums. This singer/songwriter/one-man-music-label has strung together some amazing lyrics. It's called Third World Symphony by Shaun Groves "an album celebrating the beauty, wisdom and faith of the Third World". It's also a humbling reminder of just what us Christians are saved for.

Shaun's blog bio says "Shaun Groves is a husband, father, singer and communicator connecting the first world with the third world for the benefit of both" He heads up the Compassion International Bloggers (a group of bloggers that write about the need for the first world to reach out to the third world. They write about what Compassion does to spread awareness and connect children living in poverty with sponsors). He also speaks and sings on behalf of Compassion. He'll come to your event. For free. 

The first track on Third World Symphony is All Is Grace. The lyrics are hanging in my kitchen to right my perspective each time I pass it. 
{You can download this song here. You can listen to the whole album hereYou should. Right now.}

Thank you for Christ and cross
Through us tell the wand’ring
Thank you for making peace
Through us love our enemies
Thank you for daily bread
Through us fill the empty
Thank you for bodies whole
Through us mend the breaking
All is grace and grace enough-For all of us 

This song has put melody to my life theme. Ann has penned it so lovely in her book and now Shaun sings this song. Words and music to be the soundtrack of my life (and I'm guessing of many lives). All is Grace. And Grace enough.

Shaun has an uncanny knack for putting huge truths into beautiful melodies that pull on a person's heart. I am truly thankful that music like this gets made.  I am oh so grateful for these lines that find their ways onto my sons's lips and into my prayers. Lines like:

Two things I beg of you
Before I die don’t refuse
Keep lies far from my lips
And liars far from my midst
And please, don’t give to me
Wealth or poverty
But God, I ask only for
O Enough
God, only
Just enough {Enough}

When you throw your stone
Aim it at the heart
Where every crime comes from
Where every stumble starts
And save the next for me
Muster all your skill
‘Cause sin in secrecy
Is the hardest kind to kill 
Lay me down with the liars
Brawlers, thieves and backbiters
Lay me down with the others
‘Cause I’m no better {No Better}

 I'm no better, give me just enough, through us love our enemies....these are words that fill my kitchen as we get ready for our day, fill my car as we travel and find their ways into our souls as we listen and sing.

And aren't the words we use to fill our space and hearts really what make us who we are?  I believe they do. The words we surround ourselves with penetrate us deep. So when my nine year old son asks "Can you put Shaun Groves on my Mp3 player, mom?" I'm so happy to oblige. Thanks Shaun, for what you do.

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