Monday, August 6, 2012

July's Joy Dare

Some of my Gifts~Counting in July. Summer all full of grace and thanks. Counting 3 gifts a day with a prompt.

3 gifts loved
544. These boys as they light up when they see me walk in the door
545. this life I've been given
546. me~how God is always good and I am always loved.

3 gifts read
547. The Great Divorce
548. Psalm 103
549. this post about "those boys"~just what I needed to hear

3 gifts water
565. running water right in my kitchen
566. a hose to water our garden
567. the Living Water and because of Him I never have to thirst again

3 gifts in Jars
574. this real maple syrup
575. these marbles making me smile~my boys and their collections
576. homemade jelly, strawberry and blackberry

a gift of life, growth and decline
577. this honeysuckle bush big and sweet smelling
578. these new branches all wild and everywhere
579. the old blooms starting to shrivel and fall

3 gifts curled
580. boys curled up next to me as I read to them
581. karate belt wrapped around my tall son's waist
582. my beautiful nieces and their beautiful curls

3 gifts hanging down
589. green plant on the buffet~it was a gift given so small~a house warming gift almost 13 years ago!
590. blueberries hanging low off the bush out front
591. my Nathan's lean body hanging out of his top bunk for just one more kiss good night.

3 gifts musical
595. laughter coming from these brothers
596. beautiful scriptures put to beautiful music
597. my youngest's made up songs~how they go on and on and on...

a gift in light, dark and shadow
601. early morning sun coloring the trees all gold
602. working through the night in dark rooms as these children are healing
603. shadows dancing on grass~tree branches moving as the sparrows hop

3 gifts of story
604. my story of grace and love and saving and forgiveness and hope
605. seeing how my story is really just a part of His story
606. sharing His story with my children, with every subject we explore, in all kinds of ways and words . Because the story of this world is the story of HIM.

a gift high, low and far away
610. the wisps of white so high up
611. these silly hermit crabs crawling on the floor
612. my sister all the in Texas~missing her!

3 gifts fresh
619. ocean air
620. vegetables from parents gardens
621. memories in the making

3 gifts heard
631. The Jesus Storybook Bible heard in the truck as we drive to the beach
632. songs sung together
633. excited laughs and squeals as we play on the wave-runners

3 gifts difficult
634. patience tested
635. failing again
636. remembering that none is good but God...that I am good only when I turn towards Him.


  1. I love all your gifts! The Great Divorce is one of my favorite books. We also really love the Jesus Storybook Bible. Thank you for visiting, im adding you to my reader. :)

  2. Ellie, that book really spoke to me. Mr Lewis is so good at writing about human behavior. I'm going to add your blog to my reader as well. It's been very nice to "meet" you :)


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