Saturday, August 4, 2012


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Five Minute Friday



I'm learning something.

I'm learning to be present. Here. I'm learning to be all in this moment. Not distracted by what's undone or what isn't right but all here wrapped up in the glory of now. Late for work but I don't worry. I laugh and smile big as my 9 year old runs next to my car for a very long block. He's blowing a lip shaped noise mker as he runs. He's looking so silly. He's still such a boy and yet so tall and I slow the car and go at his pace and I think how I'll always remember this wild smile on him. And if I was in a rush I would have waved and kept going. But I didn't. I chose to be right here. All in.

We just got back from the beach (again) and there were so many moments, moments I usually wish away so we can get on with the real living, but these moments this time I treasured. My youngest boy all angry because he didn't like his parents' choice. A dad all frustrated. Instead of joining the downward spiral I chose  to be right here. I encourage the angry and the frustrated as best I could. I kept this son's hand in mind and continued our walk knowing that this hand in hand time is on it's own clock and I need to not waste a moment of it wishing away any of this time, ven angry, frustrating time, and just be here.

And now I think of Ann's words that remind me of His words and I remember that His very name means Here. I AM. The present. Right now. He is. The very name of God, the Name He told Moses when He allowed Moses to get just a glimpse of Him. He who is outside of time is in this very moment. I get a glimpse of Him when I take this moment for what it is. Grace. Gift.  I will not defile His gift of now by being distracted or elsewhere. I will be all in this very specific time. Right here.


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  1. So beautifully written. I'm embracing these moments with my children, in the here and now, even more because I know I won't ever be able to get those moments back again. My kids are growing up fast and there will be new moments to cherish...then. But for now....I'm...all in.

  2. Embracing the here is so hard to do...


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