Saturday, August 11, 2012


Another Five Minute Friday, on a Saturday, writing for five minutes for just the beauty of it. Want to join in? Come on over here and meet this great community.

Five Minute Friday



I'm wondering what it's like for my kids: living a connected life where the pieces fit together and don't have to separate into mom's house and dad's house and small little compartments with neat little labels lasting 47 minutes each. I'm wondering if they will ever understand how different it could be. How different it was for their big brother.

 I'm wondering if it really is just now, this minute, that I'm realizing that what I missed for most of my life was having a connected life. I had school me, and home me and after leukemia turned up, I had hospital me. I had my-house me and dad's-house me, the me I shared with my friends and the me I created for the boy friends. Then there was the me I was in my own head: the me who tried to write but usually wound up laughing at all the words because they sounded like a stranger wrote them.

I don't think any of those disconnected parts of that girl knew just how fragmented she was. I don't think I've ever been more me, with all my parts connected, than I have been these past few years. My heart and my spirit and my head and my writing and my mommy-ing and all of it have been more one-pieced (and becoming more so each day). I'm less and less fragmented. I'm more and more whole. I'm connected to My God and my family, to my friends and to right here. My living and worshiping and loving are all a sweet medley of a one piece life. Oh don't get me wrong; my frustration and worry and heartache are all there too, but still all me. All one piece.  All connected.



  1. Hi Melinda! I'm a Saturday-Five Minute Friday poster too. At least this week.

    I love this post! So powerful! So glad you've been able to connect all of your you's and find yourself in Him.

    Bless you!

  2. What a beautiful post. I love how God's takes every piece of our fragmented lives and connects them together. Visiting from the 5MF!

  3. It does take a while to get all the parts connected. Experience and a few years on us really helps to enjoy ourselves. They say a woman best years are between 25-35. I like the mental 65 but keep wanting to drop the physcial 65 off some where to get it fixed. Good post. Blessings


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