Sunday, May 13, 2012

Ruth, Her Mother-in-Law & Her Great Grandson

When I think of amazing mothers I often think of Naomi, Ruth's mother-in-law. Naomi must have been good at raising her sons. She must have taught them well and loved them well. Her sons both married Moabite women, since that is where her family lived. These women grew to love their mother-in-law quite well. So well in fact, that once all 3 women were widows, the daughters-in-law were ready to leave their own land and follow Naomi back to hers. One of the young widows did do just that. She followed her mother-in-law back to Bethlehem. She pledged her loyalty to Naomi and to Naomi's God. 

Knowing that Ruth was willing to leave her own culture and her own way of life to serve Naomi's God makes me think Naomi must have made her God seem appealing, more than what Ruth was surrounded by, what she had known her whole young life. It makes me wonder just how appealing I make God seem to my own children. How well do I convey His reckless love and His amazing grace?

Does my life make my children want to leave the familiar world they live in to serve my God?

Well Ruth followed her mother-in-law all the way to Bethlehem and worked in the fields to support her. There she married and had a son, Obed. That son had a son, Jesse. Jesse also had sons, the youngest being David. As in King David. As in the man after God's own heart, David. So Naomi mothered in a way to make Ruth want to serve her God. And in doing so, Naomi set events in motion. In mothering her own sons well she in turn mothered generations well. She passed love for her God down to Israel's most famed king....Well the most famed king until their last King, Jesus. And Ruth, the Moabite woman, is right there in the blood line of the Messiah. She's there all because of a mother's love. 

My most basic prayer, the one that comes before all others, is that God grants me grace to live a life that helps lead my boys to want to serve Him. This job of loving the next generation into adulthood is staggering and amazing. And when I remember the legacy that I have the opportunity to leave, I am hushed and humbled.

I do know how hopeless and tedious some of these mothering days can be. I know how sometimes it feels like no one cares or appreciates or sees. But He sees. And they will care. And their babies will appreciate each moment you've invested.

Don't forget just how much these small moments can mean. None are insignificant. None are without meaning.

Happy Mother's Day to all you Naomi-mothers who whose love will travel for generations. 

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