Sunday, April 29, 2012

Prayer Warriors

I'm excited. I'm excited about this community of moms and women out there who remind me I'm not crazy.

Because you know, sometimes I so feel I am. I sometimes feel so crazy and defeated by trying to raise these boys to be great, God-fearing men. Sometimes I feel so awfully afraid that I'm failing and that there is no fruit to all this hard work. And sometimes I just can't understand how I can have such good intentions and so many great expectations but still fail so hard everyday.

But it's not just me. It's this thing of raising boys. It's raising these loud, energetic, messy and sometimes obstinate sons. It's this trying to figure out how to help lead these soon-to-be-men into adulthood. I'm scared but I'm not the only one. There are plenty of mamas out there who feel just like me, who struggle just like me, who fail little failures everyday just like me. 

One of these lovely "boy moms" wrote an ebook to lead us crazy mamas in covering our sons in prayer. Because really no amount of struggling on our own might will win this battle. What she says is true "this battle is best fought on your knees".

So back to why to why I'm excited...I'm excited about this little ebook but also I'm excited to join in the 21 Days of Prayer for Sons that is starting May 1st. Together we'll pray, covering our sons with God's word, praying scripture over them. We will be equipping these boys, the very best way we can, to become men of God, husbands with integrity, fathers who can lead the next generation to follow Him. Because no matter how hard we try He is the only one who can give them a heart after His, like David or make them set apart for the work of His kingdom, like Daniel. Only He can. So no wonder I'm failing when I go at it alone.

I'm so thankful for this, these women, this tool, this nudge to do what's needed, this not-feeling-so-very-alone in the way I'm trying to raise my sons.

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