Saturday, March 24, 2012


Five Minute Friday (but mine's usually on Saturday) where we write with a prompt for 5 minutes without thinking (too much) or revising. We're just writing because we love the words.



Loud makes me cringe lately. My loud voice scolding a child. Their loud voices trying to out do mine. I saw a parent today be "loud" to his son in a very quiet way. Oh how it stung me to watch him sting that boy with his words. Watching that loud harsh whisper, the kind we use in public when we no longer want to debate our children, when we just want them silent and obedient (when is the last time I was silent and obedient?), it just held up a mirror.

Love should rarely be loud, unless it's in laughter. I'm reminded that a gentle answer turns away wrath and that they rarely hear the words if they are being wounded by the volume. So I can save loud for music, playtime and tickle fights.


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