Friday, March 2, 2012

Joy Dare~February

February's Joy Dare ~capturing the grace~ sharing some of my One Thousand Gifts that I'm recording in 2012....

gifts at 11:30 2:30 and 6:30
94. landing in Miami~safe and halfway home
95. airport lunch
96. landing in Philadelphia a little earlier than expected~so glad to be home

3 things overheard today~all gifts
97. Noah: mom, what can I do to help?"
98. Steve talking to Noah about his lost gift card saying "don't be too upset. It's only money. It can be replaced".
99. Nate saying "I'll make the list" to we get ready to grocery shop

3 gifts found in writing
100. birthday cards for a dear friend
101. emails and texts welcoming me home from people who missed me
102. blog post reminding me what's most important

one gift stitched , one hammered, one woven
106. my oldest son's "puppy" all fixed
107. my "by grace alone necklace"~silver and hammered with truth
108. my boys' baby blankets made by their great-grandma

3 gifts found outside
109. boys playing basketball with their dad
110. warm winter days
111. beautiful full moon

a gift found in losing, finding and making
136. the loss of my own control over these school days
137. finding ways to love and not live by our to-do list
138. making these lives of ours honor who we are in You

3 gifts found in shadows
139. reminders to seek the sun
140. dark forcing me to cling to Him
141. just how bright the Light seems when we step out from the darkness

3 gifts found in giving
142. the peace that came with giving patience
143. the repentance that came with giving respect
144. the imagination that soared when I gave my time


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