Sunday, March 25, 2012

Empty Spaces

It's strange how in all this busy and in all this rush and in all this crazy that one could still feel an empty space.
 But so often we do.
 I'll bet just about everyone of us does at one time or another. We try to fill it with all kinds of things: work, kids, hobbies, marriage. When those things don't work to fill up the void we move on. We try to just forget about it; we try to find ways to feel good as we travel on. It works for a while. We're so easily distractable.

It's never enough, though.

A husband won't be enough (he'll fail you, at some point, because he's human too). Kids can't fill it, at least not forever (they do get lives of their own). Work can distract but it doesn't make you whole (how often do we tell ourselves if I could just work harder or do better...). All of life's momentary pleasures can surely take your mind off the space but it usually leaves the space bigger when the pleasure ends. But eventually it stops working. Eventually that haphazard bandaid you used to cover up peels off. It usually reveals something pretty raw underneath. 

See the thing is that we were created with that space for a reason. Our Creator made us with a space that only He can fit. We were made to be whole with Him (not apart from in, not with another) and no matter how hard we try to convince ourselves otherwise nothing and no one else can adequately stand-in for Him. 

Then what is is left?
 There's just you and you feel emptier than ever. 

God made you to need Him. It's just like the fish needs the water and the trees need the sun. There's no getting around it. God has to fill those spaces.

And He does. He will. All you need to do is make sure there is room. Be empty so He can fill.

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