Sunday, February 12, 2012

What You're Trying to Tell Him...

I keep trying to type out my gifts but I am finding myself distracted by the comment thread over at (in)courage.

Ann wrote about 5 Ways to Fight Through to a Loving Marriage. Her words (as always) ring so true and are so encouraging. The day I read the post, though, I was...struggling.  It's amazing and heartbraking to hear how some of the women over there have shared their hearts, commenting on Ann's post, and being so vulnerable I was so impressed with the thread, Ann with her replies: praying lifting speaking words that bless, and all the other women too: standing together women for women, even if it's virtual.

“Are women really like ambulances? When we are most in need of tender care, we’re these screaming sirens? And that’s why men pull far away — getting out of the way and off the road?”

 I read those words through tears and still they didn't keep me from being that siren only hours later, making my man get out of my way. But it is like she said, we sound off because we need care. Our wounds need tending. If  the other gets out of the way then who will stitch up the bleeding? The problem is so often we wound each other. So now there is no one well enough to tend to the sick.

 "...the first law of love is to listen-listen to the ache under the anger."

How it would change everything if we always first listened to the ache, the worry, to the fear that is behind the anger.

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  1. Things would be so much better if it worked that way; I agree.

    What does it take to get them to see the pain they are causing and to want to fix it rather than making it worse?


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