Saturday, February 11, 2012


Five minute Friday and it's a tough one...Trust. Here we write for five minutes, with a prompt. No editing or rethinking. Just writing without worrying.


It almost feels like it should be a four letter word. How hard it can be to trust, to believe, to step out in faith towards something without really knowing or seeing, without having all the answers ahead of time, without knowing what will happen. It takes someone very brave to trust what your eyes can't see (sometimes even what they do see).

But we do ask this of our children, don't we? We tell them "Do what I ask even though you don't understand, even though you can't see what I see. I love you. Trust me." So when He tells me the same how then do I say "no". This is what He means when he tells us to be like children if we want to enter His kingdom. 

So, Trust. I'll {try to} be brave I'll keeping making that choice, that sometimes hurts so much to trust my God, even though I don't understand. I'll believe that He has good plans for me and I will take steps of faith into His kingdom even though i don't know what's ahead. I'll trust that He has the answers and that He loves me.

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  1. It is so very hard to trust. Sometimes hard to trust Heavenly Father, even though that should be the easy one because we *know* that He loves us and has our backs, but even harder to trust humans that have their own motives for doing things and those motives could just as well be against us as for us. The not knowing what is going to happen can drive us mad! Humans fail, but He doesn't. We have to learn to just put our trust completely in Him and let Him sort out the rest.

    It does take courage, bravery, to let go and let anyone else be in control, even when that Someone else is Him.

    I enjoyed reading your post. Have a blessed day!


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