Friday, January 13, 2012


Five minute Friday , writing for five minutes with a prompt. No revisions, editing or worrying if it's right.

Today's: awake

Awake all night. I am every weekend. I work and take care of sick kids all night every weekend. I'm a nurse. I tend to be awake all night other nights too. Chalk that up to my body being confused....and my mind being full.

Awake to now. I try to be. Awake. I want to be fully aware of all that is around me. It can be difficult though. How often I find myself NOT in the moment, thinking, dreaming, planning, being 2 steps ahead and then I miss right here.

Awake to see. Who is it that is right there in front of me? Do I see that beautiful creature, one made in His image. Am I awake enough to see the need behind the grimace or the pain behind the attitude, awake enough to not just react but to act with purpose, even when I'm busy; with love, even when I'm hurt; and with kindness and when it's undeserved?

Awake to possibilities. They are everywhere. What can be. What will be. When we step back,  fully conscious of the potential of each moment of our lives, to see the blessing, to take in the beauty: it is then that we are living life as it is intended.


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