Saturday, November 19, 2011

Come to the Well~

I bought some new music this week. My boys were excited to slip the cd into the player. They listened and listened to lyrics that say:
We were made to be courageous  We were made to lead the way  We could be the generation That finally breaks the chains...This is our resolution  Our answer to the call  We will love our wives and children  We refuse to let them fall (Courageous)
Over and over again they listened, then they began to sing along.

Then this:
Each one thought that they knew better  But they were different by design Instead of standing strong together  They let their differences divide... But it was the rhythm of the dancers  That gave the poets life  It was the spirit of the poets  That gave the soldiers strength to fight  It was the fire of the young ones  It was the wisdom of the old  It was the story of the poor man  That needed to be told  (City on the Hill)                   
 And this:
Nobody knows what we're for Only what we're against  When we judge the wounded  What if we put down our signs Crossed over the lines  And loved like You did (Jesus, friend of Sinners)

And so we did. We do. We Come to the Well. We listen to David-like words sung by people with David-like hearts and we know, we remember how we're all in this together. 

This music is the fifth album by Casting Crowns. And for the fifth time I'm amazed at how authentically they capture what is is to walk in this life.

 Last night I stood at the kitchen sink, eyes full of tears, as I listened to these words:

There’s a stirring in the throne room  And all creation holds its breath  Waiting now to see the Bridegroom  Wondering how the bride will dress  And she wears white And she knows that she’s undeserving  She bears the shame of history  But this worn and weary maiden  Is not the bride that He sees  She wears white head to toe  But only He could make it so When someone dries your tears  When someone wins your heart  And says you’re beautiful  When you don’t know you are  When all you long to see  Is written on His face  Love has come and finally set you free  On that wedding day  On that wedding day She has danced in golden castles  She has crawled through beggar’s dust  But today she stands before Him  And she wears His righteousness  She will be who He adore  This is what He made her for When the hand that bears the only scars  In Heaven touch her face  And the last tears she’ll ever cry  Are finally wiped away  And the clouds roll back as He takes her hand  And walks her through the gates  Forever we will reign  (Wedding Day)

It goes on like this, this disc full of hope and truth. I'm thankful for this music that speaks to my boys, to me, to the world. I'm thankful for words that will stay long after the music is over, for words that lift and build, for words inspired by His Truth and so artfully strung together. I'm thankful for these youth-pastors-turned-music-missionaries, for these men and women who use their gifts to point to that Living Water .

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