Monday, October 10, 2011

Catching up On Counting

The thanks I offered up as the summer came to a close and as this homeschooling mama got very busy....

541. watching the school bus drive by without my kids on it
542. the promise of new beginnings, of fresh starts
543. tickle attacks and the boy giggles that go with them
544. The Black Stallion and how my 8 year old is now in love with horses

545. my kitchen, all freshly painted
546. the new bookshelf my husband put together
547. good friends to help and be helped by
548. Granny Apples
549. Monkey in the Middle

550. chocolate chip cookies
551. whipped cream
552. raisin bread with cinnamon swirls
553. chocolate covered cranberries 

554. gooey, warm cinnamon buns on our first day of getting back to lessons
555. my oldest asking to know more about atoms while my youngest begs too just be allowed to play :)

556. learning new things right along with my boys
557. cool fall breezes even though it's still technically summer
558. 4 days at the Bethany beach house, meals with family, walks near the ocean
559. my own pillow and my own bed
560. my second oldest nephew, his life!, his being home

561. seeing my boys being best friends
562. Feast Days~seeing the messiah written all over your Holy Days
563. forgiveness, grace, unconditional love
564. my husband washing all the china by hand
565. really good, really needed sleep

566. sugar cookies
567. afternoon book-time in my bed
568. kisses
569. boys dressed for soccer~all excited
570. cozy bed, a quiet house and getting to sleep after a long night

571. Energy all bouncing in the door as all the boys come home, cheeseburgers in hand
572. dancing with my 6 year old

573. Antsy kids struggling to focus~happy they're at home with me

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