Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Naming the Graces

"Grace; that is what the God-glory is full of. To see the Glory and to name the graces. Retune the impaired senses to sense the spirit, to see the grace"

~Quoting my little perpetual calendar from One Thousand Gifts. Catching up on posting some of my summer graces, God's glory full.

504. for the burn on my arm reminding me it's not easy to be gracious while in pain

505. dirty feet that were busy running in the grass
506. slow summer days of pancake breakfasts and read alouds
507. Colossians 3:12 and finding The Fitting Room waiting for me in my mailbox today

508. Your patience with me, 
509. Marlou
510. Jeremia
511. allowing our family to connect with Your children half way around the world
512. the people of Somalia 
513. God's hand even when we're not sure we can see Him working
514. Compassion International~people being His hands and feet
515. the graces given, the ones I don't even notice, given every day

516. having time to read 300 pages in one week :)
517. running with my boys in the sand
518. the beach with my in-laws
519. see my boys spend time with their aunt, uncle and cousins
520. how the ocean seems to touch the sky
521. pizza, music and smiles on the boardwalk

522. cloudless blue skies
523. summer
524. watching tall boys swim and dive
525. water ice, soft pretzels and ice cream~yummy summer treats

526. my husband staying up late to make my chocolate cake!
527. beautiful day swimming with my boys and our friends
528. dinner with family~so much fun
529. moosetracks and birthday songs

530. knowing that God is always sovereign and He is always good
531. Gas leaks
532. ugly fights
533. last weeks of summer

534. my faithful God whose love endures forever
535. Noah reading from Psalms, then Exodus, then Colossians all without prompting
536. better-than-expected hurricane conditions
537. being home with my family through the storm
538. roses, purple red and pink, and anniversary dinner
539. my sweet friend traveling in the storm to pick and drop off my kids
540. bike rides, pizza dinners, playing catch in the front yard

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