Friday, August 5, 2011


It's time again...Five Minute Friday where we write just to write, to let the words go. No revisions or editing. Just the words that come after the prompt.



This place is broken. Broken families struggling to make it work, broken dreams forgotten, broken hearts limping along, broken children just barely hanging on, broken economy leaving the rich richer and the poor starving, broken land drying up or cracking open and taking lives. The world, our lives, all fractured into pieces of what it should be. Nothing is whole; nothing is as it should be.

I know how that sounds horrible and desperate. It sounds like there is no hope and we wonder as we shake our fists to the sky, how could there be God who would let it all happen this way?!

But I have to tell you seeing the broken and knowing it's not right, knowing that something is very wrong, is the very way we know He's there. We know about the something more. Our hearts remember that something better exists. We were created for something else, something perfect, something whole.

Knowing that this place will never not be broken this side of heaven can really be freeing. It will never be whole. There will always be something broken. Do you get how amazing that information is?! You can't be everything to your spouse or your children. Your life will be cracked in some way. Things will break and disasters will occur. This side of heaven nothing will be exactly how we hoped it would. So there. You can just stop trying to glue the pieces together. Love the broken. Expect more to crack. Give it God when it does.

There is a promise. It's written into every human heart. The promise is that this will all be made new, that every tear will be wiped away, that all the tiny pieces will be put back together again. We will, once again, be WHOLE.


Now go and see The Gypsy Mama and let the words go.


  1. This is positively beautiful, honest, inspiring...
    and a reminder my heart needed to hear.
    Thanks for writing this. Really.
    It touched me.

  2. Anna, thank you for the kind words. It's so humbling to hear you say this touched you.


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