Saturday, July 9, 2011


Five Minute Friday (of course it's Saturday though)
Write for 5 minutes flat with no editing, tweaking or self critiquing. Just let the words go.



Gratitude instead of griping. Hands lifted in thanksgiving instead of clenched in in expectation.

For all of what is given is gift and so I will give thanks in all of it.

I'm grateful for all of it-the good and bad, the beautiful and ugly.
I'm grateful for all I've been given and for what I haven't and for this journey.
I'm grateful for joy and sorrow and peace and pain.
I'm grateful to experience this life and all it brings.
I'm grateful for second chances and..third chances....and fourth chances...

I'm grateful for the dark because it reminds me just how brilliant the Light is.

Gratitude, living in abundance, thanking the Giver, trying to give as I have been given to...


Thanks to the gypsy mama for helping me remember how I love to write. Even when it's just five minutes (or in this case not even, I'm at work and busy!) I love when the words come.

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  1. What wonderful words of gratitude. Reminds me of the song Blessed Be Your Name - at all times, in all situations.


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