Saturday, July 23, 2011


Five Minute Fridays. Writing with a prompt. For five minutes. No revisions. Just write. I never get to it until Saturday. Better late than never?

This week's prompt.....FULL


Live full. Right now. Right here. No matter where that is. Don't wait to get it right. Don't wait for a new week or next year. Right this minute. Make every moment matter. Make every moment full....full of thanks, full of right now.

Love full. Give with your heart. Give all you have. Love like crazy. Love fully like you want to be loved. Love from the tops of their heads to the tips of their toes. Love those you live with and those you've never met. Love like you mean it. Love all the way.

Pray full. Fill your days with prayer. Pray without ceasing. Pray prayers of thanks with eyes wide open. Pray for the hurting. Pray for the sick. Pray for yourself....and then let it go.

Be full. Full of peace. Full of hope. Full of smiles and laughter. Full of the grace that is lavished on you every day. Full of the heartbreak that we help one another bear. Be full of HIM because without Him everything else is empty.


Now go on over to see the Gypsy Mama and write along with us....


  1. Oh how I love this! What a great take on this prompt. "Be full of HIM because without Him everything else is empty." How true that is! Thanks for sharing this on 5MF. Smiles -

  2. This is so encouraging... And thank you so much for writing to me on my blog. Your comment made me cry, immediately. I felt so encouraged and it was so good to hear the truth spoken to me when I couldn't hear it myself. And I felt loved. I felt God's love through your words.

    So thank you.


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