Monday, May 2, 2011

Naming the Ways He Loves

Giving the gifts names, telling how He loves so I can remember to live that way.

240. leftover scones and smoothies for breakfast
241. boys trying harder and me noticing it
242. sounds of my oldest boy and his daddy hammering nails
243. help from the youngest boy making his favorite meal
244. pretty red wine
245. chocolate cake
246. a movie all to myself
247. candle lit in a house all quiet

248. waking up a sleepy head on a Wednesday morning
240. PLAY!

275. mornings at playgrounds
276. boys jumping and climbing
277. bare toes in the sandbox
278. dinners outside
279. walks through the neighborhood as we talk and laugh

280. this online social community that can be such an answer to prayer
281. sawdust all over Noah~so proud
282. flowering trees
283. spring flowers coloring front lawns
284. pouring rain~loud
285. boys excited about cowboy boots and hats
286. my 6 year old's handwriting, so neat
287. tall eight year old on daddy's lap
288. all of us watching baseball, eating ice cream
289. my home~so cozy
290. unexpected hugs from 8 year old arms

291. my brother~home~celebrating his birthday here!
292. cousins playing baseball in my yard
293. chocolate birthday cupcakes

294.tears, crying, real crying and how good that can feel
295. Passover~His hand in His people's lives then and now
296. tiny eucharisteo booklets being filled up by small hands
297. seeing my brother's apartment, his life, his home

298. window with thankful squares
299. boys clothes all ready for Easter
300. waking up to skirts and dresses bought by my husband so i could choose something to wear

301. church on Easter morning with all my boys
302. jellybeans
303. red leather journals for boys' thankful words
304. cloudy Easter skies giving way to blue
305. the park~dressed in Easter clothes~playing together
306. His hands pierced for me; His saving sacrifice

307. Being outside all day
308. feeling tired~ all spent, but resting in you
309. LOVE!

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