Sunday, May 8, 2011


Mothers, all you women with your soul shaping hands, being the gentle arms in the middle of the night, or the listening ear on the other end of the phone, the work you do is precious, it's eternal. As you bend low or stand on tip toes to hug and meet your babes where they are, remember how you are changing the world.

Giving up time and space and a clean house so you are there make the meals, wipe the tears and play the games, this is what feeds the spirit. You work with the Creator to grow small people into tall ones, babes into men, little girls into women. All you do that seems to go so unnoticed, isn't ~ the bandaids and story telling, the cleaning of their messes, the work that never ends....

To the mothers who do it alone, to the fathers who must be mothers too, to the woman with empty arms that long to be filled and the mamas whose empty arms ache for the babes they've once held....He is near. Lean in. Lean in and know that He sees your struggle, your sacrifice and He knows your pain. There are special promises for brokenhearted and for the faithful.

Mothers, bending low, taking care, loving first above all else....yes, this is what changes the world.

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