Saturday, May 7, 2011

Motherhood Should Come With....

Five minute Friday....Five minutes of writing on topic with no planning or editing or revisions. hosted by The Gypsy Mama ...Here goes

Motherhood should come with...

A warning about how your heart will never be the same
The knowledge that you will grow much more than they
A way to s l o w time
A superhuman ability to fore go sleep, food and time for yourself...oh wait it already does :)
Roller skates
Really good mama friends


Ok so that was the first five minute Friday. (Even though technically it's Saturday, after midnight). I'm late but it's my first one.


  1. Yeah for joining in! I was late, too, and just posted mine. :) I like the idea of motherhood coming with rollerskates, and the ability to slow time is definitely a must. :) Your post you wrote this morning about Mother's Day was beautiful, too.

  2. That first line is so true, Mother love grips the heart for sure.

  3. I Loved your post. We're both first-timers in this blogging community. :-)
    Happy Mothers Day to you!


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