Monday, May 9, 2011

His strength made perfect in our weakness

As Mother's day ended this year all I could think of is why? Why do we set apart these days, arbitrarily as days to honor, be honored. It just puts pressure that things are supposed to be just so. But, see, things are never just so. Life is in the mess and mothering is in the tears. It's loving through the tantrum. It's having patience through the misbehavior. It's not feeling slighted because the 8 year old won't come to breakfast, but it's smiling when he finally decides to emerge from his room, tear stained face and all.

The day didn't go as planned. There was all kinds of conflict. But that's ok. Hurt is where mothering shines. And this so reminds me what Paul tells us God says to him in 2 Corinthians...that His strength is made perfect in weakness. My strength or patience so pale in comparison to His (or even MANY other mamas I know) but if there isn't a need for our quiet love and gentle hand then what is the use? What would my purpose here be?

So, like Paul, I will boast about my weakness so Christ's strength can rest on me. For when I am weak I am made strong in Him.

My many Mother's Day Gifts, the graces from Him, I am thankful for every moment~

345. hand made cards

346. words sounded out by new readers

347. beautiful flowers on the table

348. my favorite breakfast made for me

349. blueberry-cinnamon pancakes with butter all melted

350. Noah making waffles for his dad

351. presents to unwrap, ones that were so thoughtful

352. Nathan's "gifts" of his stuffed animals over and over again

353. words in a card picked so carefully by my husband

354. the sun and spring day bringing me their own gifts

355. movie and popcorn and quiet dinner at home together (exactly what everyone needed)

356. many messages and cards from sisters, my mom and friends wishing me a happy Day

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  1. Lovely list and it seems like you do live a blessed life. Thank you for sharing this week!


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