Monday, May 30, 2011

#383---#429 of the Gifts That Never End

383. for holding on to calm as a patient's mother lashes out
384. reading to a lovely 3 year old and all the smiles it brought him
385. coming home after a hard night
386. my husband taking care of all that needed to be done this weekend

387. babysitting~a house full of kids
388. Nate sitting so still, listening to stories on cd
389. This youngest boy all dressed as Peter Pan
390. big glass of red wine, on the couch being still

391. my eight year old needing extra hugs
392. my six year old as Peter pan (again) before breakfast
393. Reminders of Galatians 5:22-26
394. Noah's hard work on piano
395. smiles after tears
396. His promise to wipe them all away for good
397. my Nathan sighing and saying "I love our house"

398. for the man who stopped to help my sister
399. for time to sit and talk to my friend
400. the privilege of teaching my children
401. my youngest's clingy-ness at bedtime~teaching me patience and to treasure this time
402. all the boys outside taking care of outside things
403. sick time snuggles
404. fevers that break
405. peaceful sleep for a boy who really needs it

406. a cluttered house-full of projects, books and toys-because it is so rarely empty
407. mango, peach tea
408. Nate smiling and playing after a day of sick
409. pencils in boys' hands held carefully as they sound out gifts

410. Getting work done
411. yummy dinners out together
412. without-a-warning-rainstorms
413. flowers on the piano
414. doctor appointment just when I need it
415. a gray day turning beautiful
416. hours spent at parks with friends

417. orange daisies in the table
418. pretty pink blooms in the flower bed
419. my husband in charge of dinner and bedtime!
420. girlfriends at my front door
421. grown up snacks and glasses of wine
422. boys who were so cooperative
423. notes turning into songs played on the piano
424. wet boys laughing, running through the sprinkler
425. watching Noah pitch and do it well!

426. Tea and honey soothing my raw throat
427. blueberry pie~seriously. Mmm.
428. red frozen grapes
429. another week ending~looking back and smiling

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