Thursday, May 12, 2011

Gifts 310-344

310. shopping with excited boys for their daddy's birthday
311. Noah asking to do his spelling
312. all green lights when we are running late
313. piano teacher giving praise and encouraging words

314. wrapping gifts and making birthday banners
315. licking the icing spatula
316. dinner to celebrate
317. chocolate birthday cake~so yummy
318. giving gifts, making my husband smile

319. big birthday parties with in-laws
320. dancing with women who have become my sisters
321. church on Sunday morning for the 2nd week in a row

322. birthdays and more birthdays
323. my littlest sister being a lovely hostess
234. cousins all playing together~laughing

324. a beautiful day at the zoo
325. quiet time with my boys after a busy loud day

326. a morning to talk with mamas
327. dinner with all 5 of us
328. heavy rains suddenly followed by blue

329. for dentists and all of us with clean healthy teeth
330. baseball game date with just my husband

331. waking up to beautiful sun
332. writing down gifts with 2 of my favorite people
333. big chewy chocolate chip cookies

334. boys on new scooters before 8 am
335. petals swirling in the wind
336. my quiet house~all day Saturday
337. daddy having boys busy so mama can sleep
338. waking up to groceries in the kitchen
339. boys coming home in baseball uniforms
340. having my kids home more than they're not
341. big hugs as I leave for work
342. driving with music~singing loud

343. sticky notes~I love them
344. grace words on blogs, in songs, from friends

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