Saturday, April 16, 2011

Counting Gifts to count Grace

195. families healed
196. seven year olds with weights lifted
197. a place to leave my kids~trustworthy friends

198. time off to play together
199. grandparents sharing museum trips at the spur of the moment
200. the unique beauty in His creation...
201. ...even when it's spiders!
202. the nudge in my heart to stay calm and gracious as my 6 year old melts from hunger
203. walks with sons, holding hands

204. listening to stories pointing to His name, in the car as we travel
205. being in bed between 2 boys as they beg for one more page

206. remembering that 6 is still so young
207. for my new sister in law and hearing my brother call her his wife!
208. warm tea on cold rainy days

209. waffles made by my 8 year old
210. boys begging (again) for more chapters
211. kitchen full of groceries and the helping hands (big and little) that got them there
212. older brothers reading to the youngest
213. holding this youngest's hand as he settles in the dark
214. sitting in an almost silent house, voice horse from teaching, reading and loving~the best reasons for a sore throat

215. light from candle on kitchen counter
216. hands that are able to clean and tidy
217. an empty dishwasher & empty sink
218. hearing the heat blow on this cold spring day
219. boys growing tall

220. good talks with best friends
221. kisses hello
223. my bed and good long sleep
224. waking up to a quiet house~reminding me how I so prefer it noisy
225 Saturday pizza dinners before work
226. not cooking ALL weekend ;)

227. the people of Japan and how they seem so poised after all their loss
228. for their respect for one another

229. conditioner!

230. Lasagna
231. crusty bread
232. birthday cake
233. and family
234. my flirty apron

235. chocolate chip and blueberry scones
236. and boys loving them
237. friends coming to play
238. Grace words spoken to the sixteen year old
239. Noah excited about building~joy in his eyes

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