Monday, March 14, 2011

And the counting continues...

Counting. Trusting. Believing. Nails driving out nails. Habit replacing habit.

145. the littlest asking to help me with chores
146. snuggly sick days
147. friends who ask "how can I help?"
148. gray skies giving a contrast for blue

149. brothers in matching pajamas
150. a husband working out in the rain
151. for Philippians chapter 4
152. for raining inside days to cuddle, learn and play
153. Nate 'playing' the piano
154. dishwashers & washing machines ~ reminding me of the relative ease of my life
155. church on Lenten Wednesdays for all ages, feeding us, helping us to slow and focus

156. for being my Rock, even as the world shakes
157. hope for eternity
158. knowing that when everything fell we'd be held

159. familiar arms holding me
160. rain on the sunroof

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