Monday, March 21, 2011

Gifts 161-194

161. pointing to you ~ even in difficult public conversations, hard questions that drive me to Your word
162. humbling experiences and gracious responses

163. full table, many conversations, one family
164. cousins being silly together

165. forgiving hugs of a 6 year old
166. reminding me to also forgive me
167. a network of mamas for support and conversation
168. church feeding us dinner!

169. beautiful sunny days welcoming home robins and picnic lunches
170. math problems and spelling words done in sidewalk chalk
171. bike rides with my 2 favorite boys
172. warm (almost) spring days that turn into warm summer nights
173. glittery cards full of happy wishes of forever together
174. Irish scones and laughing ~ building friendships
175. staying out too late

176. sunny mornings with spring just 2 days away
177. making too many pancakes and waffles (because the distracted mama measured wrong)
178. pancakes and waffles for breakfast AND lunch
179. bold markers on paper as boys take time coloring
180. buds on the blueberry bush
181. Eucharisteo conversations with my 6year old
182. wispy, white clouds giving way to pale blue

183. for remembering to speak words of life, grace words that build up.

184. crumbs on counters
185. half eaten apple slices
186. evidence of life

187. slow hours, time to write
188. for Nathan's stick figures and imaginary light saber fights
189. for Noah's desire to make, build and create

191. answers to prayer
192. for my little brother and his family
193. flowers, cake, family and smiles

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  1. Forgiving hugs from your children, waffles and pancakes, and bikerides with your children are things that could be on my list too. I love it. Thank you for reminding me.


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