Sunday, February 20, 2011

Gifts fifty-one to seventy-five

So here are the next 25. Ann is right. This is addictive.

51. sun spilling in the kitchen window
52. delicious dinner that I didn't cook
53. kids of all ages, playing together, taking care of one another
54. small cards, made especially for friends, delivered with giddy excitement
55. forgiving love from my family even after my ugly behavior
56. other homeschooling mamas to laugh to laugh, cry and face this adventure with
57. fudgey brownies with pecans

58. steamy showers that sooth and refresh
59. boys returning home with wet boots and big appetites

60. Orange light outside my bedroom window
61. loud "Happy Valentine's Day" calls from a bouncing 5 year old before 7am
62. small gifts that bring big smiles
63. X's and O's and the real hugs and kisses that go with them
64. Woody, Buzz and Jessie and my boys' names scrawled on the bottom of their boots
65. sticking out tongues as little boys try so hard to concentrate

66. love, unwavering

67. trees that give their sap to sweeten our pancakes
68. oranges filled with sweet juice being squeezed by excited hands
69. little boys in big aprons
70. dragons and snakes
71. my boys hard at work in the kitchen~me taking the time to notice
72. warm winter days reminding us that spring will come
73. brothers enjoying each other-playing , laughing
74. time~~ time to have breakfast at 10 and journals at 11. time to not hurry. time to cherish
75. my five year old who loves sweaters instead of t-shirts and that the boys' pajamas get more wear than their clothes

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