Monday, February 7, 2011

50 gifts and counting

I'm keeping a list, a list of gifts. Not ones to give but ones I have already received. At first I wanted to keep it just on paper. I love the act of writing. The pen. The pretty journal. But as I wrote down number 50 I thought 'I want this list to also live where the rest of my thoughts come to be clarified. I want this list nestled in between my ramblings, dotting my life with what's really important'. So here it is the beginnings of my One Thousand Gifts. The concept is not new but it's life changing powers are endless. (Thank you, Ann, for your book, for your inspiration, for the reminder of where my heart needs to be.)

1. my Father's unending love
2. the gift of my husband
3. time each day with my boys
4. warm tea with honey
5. pizza and smilies and fun for dinner
6. the amazing, adventurous boy stuff my sons get to share with their father

7. family who take care of one another
8. Having my kids home with me
9. a cozy house where His spirit is present
10. Legos! and boys who love to build
11. mornings in pajamas
12. a husband who is responsible and hard working
13. for friends. Best friends, who love me just the way I am

14. my baby nieces.
15. My soft and comfortable bed
16. cool crisp autumn air during family walks
17. books. All of them. Words in general. They make me smile.
18. cooperation from my boys. When I see the fruit of our hard work and discipline and time.

19. forgiveness
20. Thanksgiving day: the food, the pumpkin pie, the family...
21. TOYS
22. boys playing football on a fall day
23. cooking and baking with 7 and 5 year olds

24. December and all it's beauty and tradition. The focus on family and giving and taking care of the poor
25. seeing His face in my kids. Noah's heart for taking care of others.
26. pancake breakfasts and slow mornings

27. my husband's making of my sandwich as i run around late for work
28. my boys helping with chores and loving one another
29. men and women and their families who fight for freedoms
30. men in big heavy gear who run into firey buildings to get people safe
31. Noah's better attitudes with table time
32. Nathan for his cooperation and cheerfulness

33. laughing with my in-laws
34. spending time with my Texan sister and my amazing nephews
35. sharing gratitude journals with my sons

37. early morning snuggles with 2 of my best friends
38. delicious food shared with my family
39. good women friends who encourage and help
40. forgiveness and grace and for every new morning
41. chocolate and it's soul comforting qualities
42. scratching backs at bedtime
43. my youngest as he says each night "Good night, love you, see you tomorrow"
44. for time...time to teach, time to sit, time to linger over your word every morning with my children

45. Five year olds learning to read, write and add
46. 8 year olds that have an enthusiastic interest as we explore ancient civilizations
47. for shelter and heat in winter
48. laughing bodies tangled together in game of Twister
49. my God being bigger than any worry I can come up with
50. the just-the-way-you-are love I get from my Father and Him teaching me to love others the same way.


  1. Such a beautiful list!!!! I felt such peace within your walls!!!

  2. I love you and your blog!


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