Sunday, October 3, 2010

Raising Men

I watched my 5 year old and 7 year old play soccer today and it struck me as I watched them, especially the 7 year old, just how grown they are. They are still little boys but yet at the same time they are young men. They fight me yet they want to snuggle. They are tough and loud and they are quiet and sweet. Each day they move closer to the time where they will not want to be right next to me, the time that my home will not be their home. They will be husbands and fathers. They will be friends and neighbors. They will have ministries, jobs, hobbies. They will have in-laws and church families. They will have triumph and heartache. Instead of my lap and back scratches they will have memories.

Hmmm.... with what memories would I like to send my boys off into manhood? Memories of a nagging mother? Nope. Memories of stressed out parents? Uh no. Memories of love, acceptance and service. Memories of a God centered life where we all lived in His grace and showed that grace to others. That sounds more like it.

As they run on the field, read me a story or carry the recycling out back. I can see how the time is FLYing by. My prayer is that I remember it is men that I'm raising. That I can look ahead to when they are no longer under my authority. That I can always know that they are here with me, just on loan for a short time, to treasure every moment....and to make good character building memories.

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