Thursday, September 9, 2010

A Time for Every Purpose

Fall is just a couple weeks away. I love that feeling that's in the air. It has still been pretty warm up until this week...but that can feel it coming. The cooler days and even cooler nights, the crispy leaves, pumpkins, pies, wearing jeans again and actual shoes, watching creation get ready for its winter sleep. I love it. It's my favorite season.

Seasons are fascinating to me. I'm not sure I could live somewhere with out the rhythmic change in weather. It's grounding. It tells me what to do, what kind of food to eat, what kind of activities to plan. I can't even shop for one Christmas gift until air begins to whisper that winter is coming.

The seasons (as do most things in life) give me a glimpse into God's mind. He set the seasons, not just in the climate but in our lives. We were not made to do all things all the time or be everything to everyone all through our lives. Each season has a distinct calling. And in each season of our lives there are rhythmic patterns of peace and strife, calm and storm, laughter and tears. Life is made up of all of these, purposely. I am learning to treasure all of it because there is a lesson there in each moment.

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