Saturday, July 24, 2010

Learning for Life

Recently I've been thinking about how much I learn in this whole homeschooling thing. My oldest son is only entering 2nd grade and I have learned more about world geography and American history teaching him than I ever did in school. I can only imagine that this trend will continue. This makes me realize 2 truths: 1. Much of what we are taught (especially in large groups without a chance to internalize and personalize it) will be forgotten. And 2. It is much more important that my kids look at homeschooling as a good positive experience than it is that they learn every fact.

I want them to love learning. This universe will never be fully explored. There will always be something new to learn. This is the information age which means everything they would ever want to know is at their finger tips (or on their phone). They key is wanting to know. How do I cultivate their inborn desire to know and to understand? How do I help them hold on to the curiosity they ooze with right now?

My answer, for now, is I will learn with them. I will love it as I want them to. I'll critique far less and encourage much more. We will surround ourselves with excellence and enjoy the very simple. I will pray: with them, for them. I'll pray that they use their minds to the extent and for the purposes that He intended. I'll pray that they know in their hearts that understanding the world around us gives us a better understanding into who He is.

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