Sunday, July 11, 2010

All We Need is Love

I'm a nurse. I see families at their very worst. I see parents who go on each day watching their children cope with illness, injury, pain and heartache. Most of the time I remember how sacred my job is: to bear witness and be a part of the process of healing, but there are sometimes that I forget. Sometimes I forget and it becomes a job to quickly finish, a task to complete, an annoyance to complain about. It doesn't happen often but when it does I am thankful for the nudge I get in my heart that reminds me "these are My children you care for".

But more than I'm a nurse I am a mom, a wife, sister, a daughter and a friend. These people I encounter on a daily basis are His children too. All of them, not just the really well behaved ones, not just the church-going, verse-quoting ones, but ALL of them. Even the ones who are being hurtful, causing me pain; even the ones that seem to just not get it.

"Love your neighbor as yourself" Jesus said. This commandment is second only to loving God with everything you are. Jesus felt this was important. He was expounding on an answer to a question, a question that wasn't even asked. The Pharisee asked what the GREATEST commandment was. Jesus could have stopped there, stopped after the loving God part, (the private, invisible relationship part). That would have answered the question. BUT He doesn't stop there. (All you works vs. relationship people: no need to continue the debate. It's both: works follow relationship. So move on). Jesus did go on to say how you treat others matters! The work you put into relationships with others is second only to your relationship with God. (not tithing or church going or hair cuts or dress length). It matters so much that it's the second greatest commandment. An answer to a question that nobody asked. An answer He knew they needed hear.

How is it then that we can tend to forget? When we are annoyed at the teenage attitude, when we harbor resentment towards an inconsiderate spouse, when we judge others for how they worship, when we gossip about what she said, when we condemn him for what he did....did we forget? Turn the other cheek, the Golden Rule, these are Jesus' words. We all know them, yet still, we forget.

Love God in all you do. Love others right where they are. This is the answer to all the Law and Prophets. My prayer is that I always remember.

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