Sunday, April 19, 2009

Why We homeschool

This list has been rolling around in my head for some time now. I feel the need to put it in print so it is here to reference when I need encouragement and focus.

1. I get to have my kids with me!
2. My children will understand by Whom they were made and for Whose purpose they were created.
3. I am the one who has the privilege of filling their minds with all the wonder of God's creation.
4. My boys can be free to play, jump, run, "shoot", build, dream pretty much as they see fit.
5. There is no concern for crowd control.
6. Field trips are with me, not with huge numbers of marginally supervised 8 year olds.
7. There are no school buses or other small crowded areas of unsupervised chaos.
8. I choose what they eat. They eat when they are hungry, not when the bell rings.
9. Public bathrooms--my kids just use ours and I clean it.
10. We choose not to allow our kids to be tiny cogs in a crazy machine built to make the rich richer and the existence and sovereignty of God a fairy tale.
11. I would just miss them too much
12. My kids get to see real things in real life instead of pictures of real things in text books with government sanctioned captions.
13. I get to know who my children know.
14. There is no competition for the authority over my "but that's not what my teacher said".
15. When it's exciting we get to continue to explore; when it is dull we decide if it's useful--if not we move on.
16. We learn things, not for tests but for life.
17. Kids in big unsupervised groups are mean.
18. We are the primary influence on our children, not peers or fashion or advertisers or government employed teachers.
19. We have time to really know one another.
20. It is not just the kids who get to learn.


  1. Hi there! I just responded to your comment on my blog...and will respond here too so you get it. I love your list. Amen sista :) #6 dawned on me last week: we went to City Park for a picnic and drove around looking for a place to park. There were more than 50 school buses. We stopped counting after that. Between the Zoo and Museum of Nature and Science there are big grassy areas where tons of kids were eating their lunches. There were so many kids! I'm not a big fan of crowds and told my kids how nice it is to be able to go places on our own.

    My response to your question:
    Hey Melinda, I hope you get this response! Hope turned 8 last October, so she was 7 when we started. What I love about MFW is that you can really fine tune your studies to your son's abilities. We've loved ECC so much. I'd say go for it if he's excited about it. Of course he'll be at his own pace/grade level for math and language arts.

    And I'm right with you on wondering where the years went! I can remember bringing Hope home from the hospital (I was 23) and wondering, ok, now what?! Friday I celebrate my 10th Anniversary with four wonderful kiddos and a super husband. We're going to see Hope on the opening night of her first musical...The Wizard of Oz. She plays a munchkin, a citizen of Oz and three other roles. Crazy how time flies and how in 10-12 years she'll be leaving home (but I tell her she doesn't have to!).

    Thanks for the kind comment :)

  2. Hey there! As far as MUS goes, I'd say just keep going. Yes, Beta is multiple digit addition and subtraction. It is important that he know his addition and subtraction facts pretty well though. If he doesn't, it will make Beta harder. I had to do speed drills with Hope every day to help her with +/- facts. She worked on getting through each drill in 2.5 min and once done got a big reward. Then she moved on to doing them in 2 min and got another reward.

    Hope that helps!


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