Saturday, February 21, 2009

Not Good Enough

The feeling of inadequacy is such a universal feeling. How many of us feel like we don't measure up? How many of us walk around carrying guilt over bad choices, momentary lapses of judgement, or our quick tempers? I am mostly speaking of myself. It was only recently that I heard God speak to my heart that I'm not alone in these feelings. Women have actually shared how they admire me as a mom (me, of all people!!!). One women said she feels "inadequate" around me. This mom doesn't home school and when I talk about what my kids and I do together she feels like she is failing as a mom. This is strange for me to type because I'm the one that never feels good enough...

So I began to think: the pretty girls in high school--did they ever feel not good enough? The popular boys--were they self conscious? My parents had their short comings, sure, but to think they doubted themselves...could it be?? My husband, my boss, my pastor, those great homeschooling moms of many kids who seem graceful, loving and oh-so they struggle with this??

This is not how the LORD wants us to feel. It's true, alone we don't measure up. On our own we feel defeated. But we don't have to do it alone. In Him, we are heirs to the throne. In Him, we can move mountains. In Him, we have already won the battle. He has made each of in His image yet all so different. He decides for what purpose His masterpieces are created. Doubt, guilt, fear of failure...none of these are of Him. If I am living in His Truth He is in me. He is what others see when I step out of the way.

It's true my efforts on my own are not good enough, but with my GOD all things are possible.

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