Saturday, February 28, 2009

Keeping them close keeps me close to Him

I never got to elaborate on my last post and Sherry's great insights from The Well.

There is a special peace that floods one's heart when one follows God's will. When I think about my children and spending all my time with them, filling my days with serving them, educating them, loving them, training them...I am so filled with calm and peace. It is such an amazing feeling that I can compare to no other. Sometimes I stop myself when I am reveling in this peace because I never want to be complacent or proud or judgemental of others who live different lives but it has just dawned on me...this is the Peace that Passes all Understanding. When I am not anxious but content living out His Will for my life He gives me His Peace.

Keeping my children close to me, involving them in all aspects of my life, making them a priority--their thoughts, needs, hopes and dreams, loving them right where they are, living this life is such a parallel to how Jesus lived. This is who Jesus is to us. He keeps us close. He wants the best of us, not the leftovers. He wants us to be real with Him, to trust Him with all we are. Jesus laughed, cried, mourned, and celebrated with His disciples, He lived with them, directed them, and gave them an example by which to live. He loved them. He kept close to those he taught. He got right in there and got His hands dirty. This is our ministry as mothers. To be there in each aspect of our children's lives, to minister to their every need puts us in a kinship, a closeness with Jesus that I believe can not be matched.

There is nothing I'd rather do. No other way I'd like to live. No other career or opportunity I'd like to pursue. Living for my family, serving the people God has placed in my care is the most direct way to fulfill His plan for my life.

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