Saturday, November 8, 2008


It saddens me when I realize, several hours after the fact, that one of my kids said or did something precious but I was too distracted to notice. My 3 year old went into my wallet at the park and took out 3 pennies and said "I need these". I just said OK and continued my internal conversation with myself about the trillion things that need to get done. I just now realized that he took the money to go "buy" some kind of "thing" at the "store". In a few minutes he brought back the pennies and for about 5 minutes he worked on opening the zipper to my wallet with his one hand full. Never once did he ask for help and he refused my help when I offered.

I get to be there for all these wonderful interactions with my kids but how often am I not really there? I read my last few blogs and in one I stated my goals for that week were to put God first, and to be in the moment...every moment. Well, they continue to be my goals. We leave for Maine in the morning. I will be present all week. This will be my practice for "being there". I want my kids to know how much I love being their mom, that I treasure them. Giving them my attention is where it begins. I expect undivided attention when I speak to them and they are 3 and 5. How can I not expect to give the same? The vacuum will wait; the dishes will wait; the errands will wait; even the bills will wait...childhood will not.

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  1. So well written! Amen sista :) thanks for the good reminder to really be there. Have a great trip!


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