Sunday, March 2, 2008

New to me

This is my brand new blog. Moved form another site, really. My sister-in law told me I needed to write a blog (so here it is, Steph!). I have always wanted to write. Before I wanted to be anything I wanted to be a writer, but I have forgotten that for a long time. I'm a mom, a homeschool teacher and a nurse, but not a writer. There is never enough time to take all the words that swim in my head and put them in print. So here I am...starting a blog. What do I talk about...where do I begin? I'll just see where the words take me.

Homeschooling is my calling. Since we made the decision to homeschool I am now keenly aware of how my life's experiences have prepared me for this. I have such a love for learning but no patience for 'school'. I love to read. I really love to read. I treasure my kids and could never imagine handing the job of filling their minds to strangers. I have dealt with public school with my step sons enough to know it's not a place I want to send my energetic boys (zero tolerance...for children...what?). I have been teaching since they were born. We go at their pace (with much encouragement at times). My almost 6 year old, Noah, is a bit advanced so we have been doing 1st grade since the spring (although I don't really think grade placement is that important). My 3 1/2, year old, Nathan, continues to astound (and challenge) me everyday. He learned his letters, seemingly on his own. Now we work on numbers and letter sounds. We all read all the time. I'm working through US History using MY Father's World with Noah (and his little brother when he will sit still for more than 2 minutes). And the librarian has been giving me a hard time about the number of books we check out, even though she says there is no limit... hmmm. Our family loves God, games, reading, baseball, everything outdoors and each other!
So, there is my first post, an introduction of sorts. There will be more to come. Will anyone read this? I don't think it matters. I love to write. I love words. This is the space my words will occupy for now. Maybe when I grow up I can still be a writer.

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  1. Hey Melinda! I laughed at the librarian...we check out A TON of books each week, but no hard times from the library!

    Anyhow, I'm looking forward to getting to know you here. I think blogging can be very theraputic (that looks like it's spelled wrong) for mommas. Love your thoughts on home education...amen sista :)


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