Friday, November 21, 2008

The Heart of Motherhood

It is amazing, this mothering force that we women seem to be born with. Then, just moments after we conceive or welcome a child into our homes this force goes into overdrive. The love we have for our kids is unexplainable, unstoppable. It's a love that is overwhelming. Someone once said to be a mother is to forever have your heart walking around outside your body. We love and nurture our children so they will grow in body and spirit; we encourage them to stay close so they'll be safe as we encourage independence; we love them unconditionally; we watch our little ones make mistakes and pray they learn from them; we teach and train and guide and love.

I am made in my Creator's image. I am so humbled when I remember one of the reasons that God has given me this gift of motherhood is as an insight into His heart. My love for my children is just a tiny fraction of the love that my Father has for me. He watches me stumble as I refuse his guidance. He loves me. He swells with Fatherly pride when I seek Him first. He reminds me again and again that He is there, that I should stay close... and He loves me.

I am also discovering other reasons that God makes us mothers. He is as interested in developing our hearts and our characters as he is our kids'. These small people in my home are the best motivators for change. For my children I will put aside sleep, comfort, fears, phobias, bad habits, change eating habits. If it benefits my kids I will do it. They challenge me to be better at life. I smile as I think of how wonderfully smart my God is.

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